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Remember how in my Underrated Films list ( 11 Favorite Underrated Films.I know everyone has their underrated films list, so here are 11 of mine:
The Lost World-Jurassic Park (1997) - I loved watching this in my childhood and I still find it to be a well paced, well acted, and engaging film as a sequel. Sure it is not as well written as the first, but I still like it.
Daredevil (2003) Director's Cut - This is such a blast from start to finish for me. The Director's Cut is a totally different film from the theatrical cut failure. It actually has a plot, good development for our leads, and things make sense in it. The acting shines (especially from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner), the action is better, and it deserves more attention. :)
Constantine (2005) - this film was basically like The Prophecy (1995) meets The Matrix films and it rocks. The protagonists and villains are memorable, the religious themes aren't hamfisted, the effects are good for their time, the cast does a good job from Keanu Reeves, to Rachael Weisz, to Tilda Swinton
) How I mentioned I really enjoy Terminator Salvation (2009)?

Well, it turns out that to coincide with the film's release, Warner Brothers studios worked with Machinima that year to make a 6-part prequel series using a video game engine. It even has Moon Bloodgood (Falling Skies and Darksiders -…) reprising her role as Blair Underwood from the film.

Here it is:

Watching this miniseres, though the animation is decent at best IMHO, I wish this had become a TV series.

It would be like The Walking Dead only with machines instead of zombies. It would have to be animated, like perhaps by the animators who do the DC DTV films or be a higher quality CG like Roughnecks. OR live action might work if it was done by HBO like by the Game Of Thrones crew.

That would have been so much better an idea than the Sara Connor Chronicles.

Any thoughts? :)


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